High level piano education on a quality grand piano
for all ages


Most skillful pupils have the possibility to show their knowledge to each other or to a small public. As the lessons, even the concerts go cheerfully. The most important viewpoint to choose the right place is the quality of the piano, therefore concert halls with a new or well maintained Steinway grand piano are to be chosen. A concert held with theese conditions gives an experience for life both for the players and the public. Occasionally an invited artist also takes part on our concerts to give more colours and inspiration for the students.

Our guest artists were:
Ivett Gyöngyösi concert pianist awarded with Junior Prima and Cziffra Prizes, Steinway Artist, winner of Virtuosos "Adults",
Katalin Csillagh concert pianist, Steinway Artist, professor of Franz Liszt Academy of Music,
János Balázs concert pianist awarded with Liszt and Prima Prizes, artistic director of Cziffra Festival,
László Baranyay concert pianist awarded with Liszt Prize, Steinway Artist, professor of Franz Liszt Academy of Music,
and Endre Hegedűs concert pianist awarded with Kossuth and Liszt Prizes, Steinway Artist.


Our next piano recital

Student Concert of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola
Performance guided by Balázs Juhász piano teacher

BHM Béla Bartók Memorial House
1025 Budapest, Csalán út 29.
16th December 2017, 11 am

Károly Mocsári concert pianist

Invited artist:

Károly Mocsári
concert pianist

Invitation - Hangrózsa 16/12/2017

Tickets can be ordered for 2.500 HUF in advance or can be purchased for 3.000 HUF on the spot.

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Summary of our previous piano recitals

Student Concert - Béla Bartók Memorial House, 10/06/2017
Invited artist: Endre Hegedűs


Birthday Student Concert - Béla Bartók Memorial House, 03/12/2016
Invited artist: László Baranyay


Student Concert - Béla Bartók Memorial House, 04/06/2016
Invited artist: János Balázs


Birthday Student Concert - Béla Bartók Memorial House, 12/12/2015
Invited artist: Katalin Csillagh


Student Concert - Béla Bartók Memorial House, 30/05/2015
Invited artist: Ivett Gyöngyösi


Naming Concert - Steinway Hall Budapest, 28/11/2014
Invited artist: Domonkos Bede


Balázs Juhász and his sudents - Steinway Hall Budapest, 17/05/2014