Hangrózsa is One Year Old

It was 28th November 2014 when Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola was introduced with this name. The ceremolial recital including the unveiling of the roll-up was hosted by Opera Zongoraterem in its Steinway & Sons showroom. Since then, high-quality education has been taking place under this well-sounding brand name. In the past year, 26 students learned many beautiful pieces of music, the most beautiful performances of which were also put on stage.

Our birthsday was celebrated with a public recital on 12th December 2015, which way hosted by Budapest History Museum – Béla Bartók Memorial House at 11 am. The guest artist of the recital was Katalin Csillagh concert pianist, Steinway Artist, teacher of Franz Liszt Academy of Music. The event was graced by Csaba Király concert pianist awarded with Franz Liszt Prize, director of Béla Bartók Memorial House.

Another special feature of the student recital is that the performances were accompanied by a presentation about the works and a slideshow about the composers. In the first term of the recital, the child students presented themselves, and their program included folk song arrangements, baroque and classical dances, as well as character pieces from piano schools used in Hungary and in the USA. A soundtrack, part of "The Wonderful Life of Amelie", was also played. During the break, the audience could visit the memorial house, including a short guided tour. The second term was for the adults, where we could also listen to some works from the piano schools, a classical sonatina, a romantic etude, a piece from the volumes For Children and Microcosmos by Béla Bartók, as well as the 12th Hungarian Rhapsody by Franz Liszt. After the students Balázs Juhász, teacher of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola introduced himself, he played two preludes by Sergey Rachmaninov. At the end of the recital, pianist Katalin Csillagh took the stage, where she presented her improvisations on her favorite folk song, followed by Piano Piece in E flat major by Franz Schubert', and finally a concert etude by Franz Liszt, Dance of the Elves. As an encore, she played a tango, a work by the Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla. After the concert, all dear guests could taste the birthday cake decorated with the Hangrózsa logo.