Performance Grades – The Online Exam

In a previous article we introduced the British ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), and we highlighted that this is the most obvious examination board for students in private education if they want an official paper about their studies.

In addition to the traditional exams that require personal presence (Practical Grades), which have been pushed into the background due to the pandemic, Performance Grades have been launched, which focus on the musical performance and do not require personal presence. Candidates must submit a video recording in which they play four exam pieces in one stream. In the United Kingdom, the new system was already launched at the end of 2020, and it has now been announced in most countries where previously only live exams were organized. Currently, only Performance Grades can be completed in Hungary.

The exam can be taken at any time when the student is prepared, there is no set time. In addition to one piece chosen from lists A, B, and C, any piece corresponding to the level of knowledge can be chosen as the fourth exam piece. This also can be a piece from the current Syllabus (the most practical solution), but it can also be an exam piece from previous years, of which the most popular pieces are collected in the Encore album.

Scales, sightreading and aural tests are not taken into account in this system, but it is still worth preparing in all areas, as this is how musical development will be complete.

The first student from our school is Yara Ariela Kis-Szabo who took her exam in this way. We are also proud of the result, she received the highest possible classification (Distinction) at Grade 3. We congratulate her on your successful exam and wish her perseverance in the future!