Success experiences at the piano,
proudful performances at our recitals for all ages


You are welcome to Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola Piano School where children and adults looking to learn piano meet excellent competence, a quality instrument and an elegant environment. This school is based on private education, our local syllabus contains a student piano recital every semester, other optional programs and an internationl exam in case of serious intention.
My name is Balázs Juhász, I’m a piano teacher, founder of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola Piano School, and its only teacher for the time being. I believe that Hungarian music education in primary, secondary and upper levels deserves the touch experience and unique sound that can give only the products of Steinway & Sons piano factory. I also believe that implementing creative ideas are supported mostly by the forms of enterpreneurship...

"Who learns music will interpret culture in a completely different way"

János Balázs
concert pianist awarded with Kossuth, Liszt and Prima Prizes,
Acknowledged Artist,
Young Steinway Artist