Balázs Juhász

piano teacher

I obtained three diplomas at Franz Liszt Academy of Music, so I acquired a wide range of musical knowledge, in addition to knowledge closely related to piano teaching, I also have deeper knowledge in choir conducting and music theory. For nine years, I gained experience in public education as a piano accompanist, music school piano teacher, choir leader, second conductor and conductor. In addition to work, I have completed numerous pedagogic and communication training courses, and I have developed my playing skills attending masterclasses given by renowned members of the profession.

In 2014, I decided to make my knowledge available to people of all ages, so I also made it available to you. The frames of private education gives me the opportunity to choose the course material myself, so depending on the student's abilities, goals and pace of progress, I can recommend Western European or American course material in addition to Hungarian schools. I also have the freedom to choose the provided instrument, so I purchased a piano for the classroom that makes learning a pleasure, and for recitals I rent a concert grand that is an honor to play on even the renowned members of the profession. I also have the opportunity to provide an international exam system to motivated students, so they can receive official recognition.

My masters

From whom I learned in a masterclass


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