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It is given and mandatory for the students of state music schools to take an exam each semester in-house, thus they receive an official certificate. How about the students of private music education, how can their studies be recognized? We talked about such a possibility with Eszter Nemeth Hungarian Representative of ABRSM.

What is ABRSM, how and since when does it operate?

The program series of Cziffra Festival started in February 2016 by the initiation of János Balázs Liszt and Junior Prima awarded concert pianist to represent a worthy memory for the extraordinary pianist Georges Cziffra. However few were given to learn directly from the master, his spirituality lives among us while many recordings preserve his playing and we can learn from the artists who knew himpersonally or consider him as a role model.

Interview with the artist

Katalin Csillagh concert pianist was 10 when she gave her fisrt concert at Franz Liszt Academy of Music, she played her own compositions. She studied not only at this Academy but also in Toronto and at the Mozarteum is Salzburg. She won many international competitions, she gave concerts in Europe and in America, she has many solo CDs. Now she is a professor at Franz Liszt Academy of Music. She was awarded the title „Steinway Artist” on 14th May 2012. We asked her what it means exactly.

The metronome is a device with a pendulum that is ticking in regular intervals, the number of beats in a minute can be cet. We can provide the exact tempo for a music piece and we can check the steadiness of playind an instrument with its help. The word metronome is the composition of two greek words: metron = measure, nomos = regulation, comes from 1815. Starting its manufacturing is linked to Johann Nepomuk Mälzel, a german engineer.

Transporting grand pianos and upright pianos is a special profession, it needs extraordinary skills due to the sizes and weight. Before you order a transport please ascertain that the team consists of the right professionals. The following article contains some details and a video about transporting the Essex grand piano of the Piano School.