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Transporting a piano

Transporting grand pianos and upright pianos is a special profession, it needs extraordinary skills due to the sizes and weight. Before you order a transport please ascertain that the team consists of the right professionals. The following article contains some details and a video about transporting the Essex grand piano of the Piano School.

An upright piano weighs from 140 to 280 kg, its width is about 135-155 cm, its hight is 95-140 cm (old models can be higher), its depth is around 48-65 cm. It can be transported manually (with a strap) or with the Pianoplan. Two professionals are needed in each case.

A grand piano weighs  from 170 to 480, its with is about 145-155 cm, its lenght can be from 140 to 290 cm. It can be transported manually (sledge sole, strap and  a buck is needed), four professionals are required, or with the Pianoplan, two professionals are required in this case.

This video was prepared on 06/06/2014, about the transportation of the Essex grand piano which is in use now. Only manual transport was available due to the little space.

The Pianoplan is a stair-climbing dwvice with two engines. It makes the transport easy but int needs 35-40 cm more height above the grand piano set on its edge.

It isn't possible to turn with a longer grand piano on a narrow staircase, it happens to lift it with a crane.