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We Had a Commemoration of Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kocsis

We had a commemoration of two great persons of our music history on our 6th Hangrózsa student piano recital held on 3rd December 2016, 11 pm, az Béla Bartók Memorial House. Our school celebrated the 2nd birthday of its name with this concert. The event was topped up with the brilliant playing of László Baranyay concert pianist awarded with Liszt Prize, Steinway Artist.

The concert was opened by Balázs Juhász piano teacher, then child and adult students played their program. During the two sections, we could listen to a varied program from the piano schools used in Hungary and all over the World, the repertoire has expanded with new editions. Some child songs were played from the volume "Eperhajó" that introduces children into the mistery of music-reading and piano-playing with a colourful and graphic manner. Adult students played more demanding opuses, too. There were performed some movements of classical sonatinas, and a Nocturne by Chopen also.

There was performed a block from some pieces by Béla Bartók in the end of the second term played by some students and theri teacher Balázs Juhász. The four cycle "For Children" was written in 1908-1909 based on Hungarian and Slovak folksongs, revised in 1945. Not only children but great pianists perform these opuses with love. This time, three works on Hungarian folksongs were performed from the first volume, played by child and adult szudents. After the students, Balázs Juhász teacher of the school played two opuses by Bartók: the first of Two Roumanian Dances from 1909-1910, then the most popular Allegro Barbaro from 1911. These opuses gave a commemoration of the composer Béla Bartók on the 135th anniversary of his birth, and Zoltán Kocsis concert pianist and conductor who are not with us any more but his recordings and previous concerts made Bartók's artistry a public property. The latter two pieces were a living memory since the performer took part in the masterclass held by Zoltán Kocsis in September 2016, at the same place. We already already wrote about this event earlier.

After the production of students and their teacher, our guest artist gave an inspiration with his great performance. László Baranyay concert pianist was awarded on many nationwide and international piano competitions, he teaches at Franz Liszt Academy of Music since 1973. He was awarded with Liszt Prize in 1992, the Steinway Artist title in 1993, "For Budapest" Prize in 2012. He played three opuses by Chopin on our concert: the Prelude "Raindrop" which is the most famous item of the series of 24 pieces, "Faintasie Impromptu" and the Ballade in F Minor composed after the poem of Adam Mickiewitz.

Ábel Gonda - Student Piano Recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola Jeffrey Ran and William Ma - Student Piano Recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola Borbála Gaal - Student Piano Recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola 6th Student Piano Recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola - Balázs Juhász piano teacher László Baranyay concert pianist - Student Piano recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola

Photos from the concert can be seen in the Gallery, the video can be seen on the Concerts page.

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