High level piano education on a quality grand piano
for all ages

For adults

Who already got in touch with the piano as a child they play the piano as an adult, too, some of them request even the help of a teacher. Many people choose this hobby after forming their family and start learning to play the piano that time. Playing the piano can be the best relaxation for every ages, it ist't late to start ever.
The goal is surely different as an adult then it was as a child, even the musical taste changes, too. It doesn't matter if your favourite style is classical, pop or jazz, after the classical basics you can learn pieces from each genre. For beginners, it is advised to visit piano classes regularly, packages containing at least 1*45 minutes or 2*45 minutes per week, intermediate and advenced students can choose a package with 1*60 or 1*75 minutes per week, too. Whose talent appeared as a child and want to emerge it as an adult, we can give them the help to become a professional if they take the time to do so. Our material also contains skill-developing excercises as technical, sightreading, hearing-training and creative tasks. Talented students can prepare for conservatory, college or even university with our help. Advanced or higher level students can apply as well for sigle classes to get the teacher's help occasionally for their own work at home. Details of single classes you can read on the page Masterclasses.

There are no compuslory exams at our school, application and preparation for international exams is available instead on demand. Our material can cover requirements of the publicly funded basic art education institutions and music high schools as well as the international exams or can be differ on demand. All students present their knowledge on piano recitals once a semester. A public concert on a Steinway grand piano gives a great experience. Participants are rewarded with a diploma. Please visit the page about the Recitals of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola, too. Please scroll down to apply for a free consultation or audition to discuss about regular classes, filling in the form below.

Piano education for adults - Szabolcs István Bátori Piano education for adults - Áron Tóth Piano education for adults - Beáta Bibók Piano education for adults - Szabolcs István Bátori

Methods and materials

  • Hungarian piano books
    The basics of reading notes and technique
    Recommended for begginers
Zongoraiskola 1 Zongoraiskola 2  Zongoráskönyv 3-4 Zongoráskönyv 5
  • American piano books
    Lesson books, excercises, performance
    For all levels
Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures
  • Albums, selections
    Choosing complex pieces,
    building on the basics

    Recommended for intermediate students
Bartók Béla: Mikrokozmosz 3 Bartók Béla: Mikrokozmosz 4.  Bartók Béla: Gyermekeknek 1-2 Bartók Béla: Gyermekeknek 3-4  Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach J. S. Bach: 18 kis prelúdium  Könnyű szonatinák  Schumann: Jugendalbum  Majkapar: Könnyű zongoradarabok Kaleidoscope
  • Brought material
    Recommended for advanced students
J. S. Bach: Kétszólamú invenciók J. S. Bach: Háromszólamú invenciók  Chopin: Mazurkák  Liszt: 12 etűd  Debussy: Deux Arabesques
  • Improvisation
    Based on the material of Mária Apagyi
    For beginners and advanced students
Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 1. Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 2. Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 3.

Timetable of education:
Monday-Friday 9 am to 7 pm
Applicadion and schedule continuously depending on free places.

About our fees

Education packages are offered for students asking for regular classes.

Trial packages - as a trial, short engagement.
Basic packages - longer engagement with at least one public appearance on our recitals.
Pro packages - longer engagement, to prepare for an exam.

Subscription fee, containing expenses of the public appearance: from 200 EUR / 220 USD.
Education fee per 60 minutes: from 55 EUR / 60 USD.
You will be offered suitable packages at your consultation / audition.

Partners of our recitals are Horse Tramway, Steinway Budapest, Gergely Zákány Photography and Daczifilm Kft.

Our recitals in the academic year 2020/21:
29/11/2020 4:00 pm
6/6/2021 4:00 pm

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Kitti Király"I was amazed listening to Maurice Ravel's suite Ma mere l'Oye at the Grand Hall of Liszt Academy on 11th June 2017, performed as a piano duet by Shai Wosner and József Balog. I've neither dreamed about practising this opus one year later with Balázs on his grand piano designed by the world famous Steinway & Sons, nor about playing pieces by Bartók and Chopin as his student only after one year of piano learning as I used to learn playing the violin and sing in a choir only for 4 years.
Who is touched by the magic of music as a child, will never give up on it as an adult but will be eager for life to listen to or to sound music. I'm so lucky to be able to cultivate classical music and owe Balázs gratitude that he provides possibility for adults to return to the way of music and gives power everyday with professionality, patience and kindness to continue. Balázs is a great human being and teacher, I recommend him with warm heart for all - beginners and recommencers - who would like to learn to play the piano."

Kitti Király

Bátori Szabolcs István"It is well known, that human body is to be maintained, but few people know that human mind is also to be trained. To have a sound body is not the goal but the instrument to live a meaningful life. If we build only our body, we will be blunt. Getting old don't have to bring destruction of our mind. Healthy living doesn't mean only eating guarded and physical activity but brain training every day, too.
The intellectual fitness of Balázs keeps me in training with teaching music and playing the piano, developes my skills, forces me to learn and focusing. I'm getting to the heavenly world of creative intelligence with his help."

Szabolcs István Bátori

dr. Pintér Gábor"As my circumstances allowed me to start learning to play the piano, I started it on my own thinking of making no troubles. After  one year of learning alone I perceived that the only way to learn music truly is to get some help from a teacher, indeed. I decided to try it.
It was a good decision and I had luck. I found a good music teacher Balázs Juhász and his music school. After some lessons I have to say, that I am in a good place, I feel very well. No fear, no expectations that don't fulfill. There is Music taught in this music school! The exact way as I wanted originally. I feel on every lesson that a new door opens that leads me to the Music, and this fact is a great experience!"

Gábor dr. Pintér