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Dear Parents! Would you like to give your child an activity that expands his / her general knowledge and colors his / her emotions? Is your child aloof and hardly opens? Is your child too active and hardly calms down? Would you like him / her to find his/ her own way easier? Would you like to avoid wasting his/ her talent? He / she already started to learn some but you feel he / she is not at the best place and doesn't receive what develops him / her? Is it important for you to let your child progress through experiences of success, with measured steps? Would you like to be proud of him / her as he / she plays a beautiful piece on a top quality grand piano, at a student piano recital held at an elegant venue?

Beside the music lessons at school it can be the best part of their musical education to learn how to play a musical instrument. Playing the piano makes pleasure, helps to coordinate motions, developes the memory, helps in general learning and forms thinking by creative tasks. Since it is an alternative channel of communication it helps opening an aloof child, requiring focus it can chain very active children.

Piano bench
Little stool
Pedal adapter
Double piano bench

Piano education can be started even at the age of five or six as well as any time later. It is very important to keep the right posture at the piano so the support will be distributed equally between the bottom and the legs, thus the arms can move freely. It doesn't matter how tall your child is, keeping the arms horizontally is always possible ehile sitting on an adjustable piano bench. A small stool is also helpful if the legs don't touch the floor, as well as a pedal adapter to handle the pedals easier. Siblings, classmates, friends who love playing the piano together have enough space on the double piano bench which is adjustable at both ends. They can easily learn and perform duet pieces for four hands. You can find all devices which can be useful for piano learning.

The smallest children, toddlers learn from colorful books with a CD attachment, they make friends with the keyboard and the sheet music via playful methods thatswhy they will cope later with traditional methods easily. Our philosophy builds on the experience of success so we guarantee motivation for practising at home and visiting further classes. Anyone can cope with simple songs and easy two-hand pieces, talented pupils can reach of learning even complex opuses. Whatever the knowledge level is, it gives an experience for life if a child plays at a public recital. Our stuff also contains skill-developing excercises as technical, sightreading, ear-training and creative tasks. Talented students can prepare for conservatory, college or even university with our help.

For beginners we definitely recommend regular classes, on andvanced or higher level you may choose occasional classes where you will receive instructions which you can build in your daily practice. Please ask for details below.

Your child mustn't be afraid of obligatory exams, you will take part in delightful recitals instead. A public piano recital on a brand new Steinway & Sons grand piano will give you an experience for life, we reward participants with an elegant certificate. Please visit our page about the Recitals of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola, too. If your child needs an official paper about his / her studies here, we also solve it.

Our mission:
We bring the joy of playing the piano to children and adults, thus they acquire extensive musical knowledge, their emotional world evolves and they have great experiences at our recitals with the help of deep expertise and a top quality instrument.

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Why choose us?

Uniquely in Hungary you can meet here a high quality instrument for education, a wide range of stuff and pedagogical tools including Hungarian and foreign sources, student piano recitals held at elegant venues using a top quality grand piano and international exams giving you official recognition. These premium features all help your child to have more experiences of success if he / she studies with us and to be proud of himrself / herself that he / she goes here. You will also be proud of him / her when you applaud him / her at our student piano recital.

Who will teach your child?

Our school's teacher is Balázs Juhász who earned three degrees at Franz Liszt Academy of Music, carried out several pedadogical trainings, and ook part in some masterclasses given by acknowledged artists. Learn more about Balázs Juhász.

Masterclass with Zoltán Kocsis 2016 - Balázs Juhász
with Zoltán Kocsis
Tamás Vásáry - Cziffra Festival piano masterclass
with Tamás Vásáry
János Balázs - Cziffra Festival piano masterclass
with János Balázs
Károly Mocsári - Cziffra Festival piano masterclass
with Károly Mocsári
Kálmán Dráfi - Cziffra Festival piano masterclass
with Kálmán Dráfi

Have a look at us and see what results you can achieve!

One of our students prepared for her ABRSM Performance Grades exam and now she shows you how beautifully she can play her exam pieces.

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Methods and stuff

  • Hungarian piano books
    The basics of reading notes and piano technique,
    in a playful mode

    Recommended for begginers
Papp Lajos: Zongora ABC 1 Papp Lajos: Zongora ABC 2  Zongoraiskola 1 Zongoraiskola 2  Lakos Ágnes: A barátságos zongoraiskola 1 Lakos Ágnes: A barátságos zongoraiskola 2 Lakos Ágnes: A barátságos zongoraiskola 3 Lakos Ágnes: A barátságos zongoraiskola 4  Zongoráskönyv 3-4 Zongoráskönyv 5
  • American piano books
    Lesson books, excercises, performance
    For all levels
Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures Faber & Faber's Piano Adventures
  • Albums, selections
    Choosing complex pieces,
    building on the basics

    Recommended for intermediate students
Bartók Béla: Mikrokozmosz 2 Bartók Béla: Mikrokozmosz 3  Bartók Béla: Gyermekeknek 1-2 Bartók Béla: Gyermekeknek 3-4  Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach J. S. Bach: 18 kis prelúdium  Könnyű szonatinák  Schumann: Jugendalbum  Majkapar: Könnyű zongoradarabok Kaleidoscope
  • Brought stuff
    Recommended for advanced students
J. S. Bach: Kétszólamú invenciók J. S. Bach: Háromszólamú invenciók  Chopin: Mazurkák  Liszt: 12 etűd  Debussy: Deux Arabesques
  • Improvisation
    Based on the material of Mária Apagyi
    For beginners and advanced students
Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 1. Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 2. Mária Apagyi: Piano-Dream Vol. 3.

Availability of education

Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm
Scheduling applicadions and classes is possible for open places.

Our recitals in the academic year 2021/22
12/12/2021 4:00 PM
5/6/2022 4:00 PM
Horse Tramway Cultural and Event Center, or Zoom / YouTube in case of restrictions

Book an appointment for a 60 min audition
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Sára Berkovics"I like Balázs very much since he is very patient and calm, he taught me a lot of beautiful melodies during the recent semester, I like to perform them to my family as a passion. He taught me that I have to govern music."

Sára Berkovics

Anna Aliyah and Yara Ariela Kis-Szabo"We are more than satisfied with the professionalism, the teaching methods and the enthusiasm of Hangrózsa Music School. It's a very friendly, attentive and nurturing environment with plenty of fun and serious work for anybody who'd like to learn and develop themselves as a musician and a person. Balazs takes his profession very seriously and is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. Extra point for supporting the British ABRSM music curriculum!"

Márk Kis-Szabó,
father of Anna and Yara

Christina Zhang"I have been learning with Mr. Balázs Juhász for 2 years and I think I have made a lot of progress and have gotten a lot better. Mr. Juhász teaches me about all things like music history, theory, and technique. What I love most about him is that he is very patient with me and when I have trouble with something he works with me step by step by explaining and demonstrating until I understand it and can do it alone. I have completed grade 5 and grade 6 ABRSM exams, both with distinction. This is something I am really proud of. I also like how we have recitals to perform in front of other people. These recitals are good because they make me feel more confident when performing. I really like Mr. Balázs Juházs, he is a great teacher."

Christina Zhang

Zi Wang"It was a pleasure to study with Balázs. With his passion he taught me not only how to play piano but also how to treat music as well as how to enjoy it. I've just passed with Merit ABRSM Grade 3 with his help."

Wang Zi

Tóth Ábel"I like music because it is good to listen and play. My favourite instrument is piano because it has a beautiful sound and I have to be skillful. I like mirror two-hands and scales. It is good to learn with Balázs while he explains well and I can play on a Steinway / Essex piano and the location is beautiful. I have been learning with him and I already played on two concerts. My favourite piece is Toccata and Fugue in d minor by Bach, but I can't play it yet…"

Ábel Tóth

Tóth Sára"When it came up that I'd like to play the piano, I had to face a big obstruction: there were no places in the music school or I was kept too old when I was 12. We decided therefore to search for a private teacher thus we reached Balázs.
Two friends of mine in the school also started to play the piano, the same time. One afternoon we played to each other. As I listened to them I thought they played serious pieces. I also realized that they can't play fine and steady while they didn't get strong basics however I did!
I like to learn with Balázs, the lessons are cheerful and he tells stories about composers and the pieces, too. I learn music theory as well, which is very useful while playing."

Sára Tóth

Brayden Chiu"It’s the second year I’m attending classes at Balázs. I really love the varied lessons and the humorous conversations during the breaks. He is always patient, he helps me in learning difficult pieces – achieving great dreams, he always takes attention for the artistic performance also. We approach each task positively, I get encouragement for the bigger steps. I like the Essex piano on which I can learn, I’m glad to receive quality in the respect of the instrument, too."

Brayden Chiu

Book an appointment for a 60 min audition
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What will happen at your audition?

  • Duration is 60 min, you have to be present at our classroom in person with your child.
  • You will discuss about your problems, challenges, goals and possibilities.
  • If your child is a beginner, he / she will try our quality instrument and teaching methods of our professional teacher Balázs. You will feel how he / she can go ahead with his help.
  • If your child is on advanced level, Balázs will listen, how he / she plays (he / she has to prepare with one or two pieces), they will work a little with them. You will feel how he / she can get to a higher level with his help.
  • If Balázs sees that based on your status and your child's connection with the piano it is worth contributing, he will offer his help.

How much does the audition cost?

The fee of your audition is 15.000 HUF which you can pay by wire transfer in advance. It is not free because

  • we would like to make sure that your interest is serious,
  • your child will receive some valuable knowledge during the audition.

If you decide on the spot that your child will continue his / her studies with us, the fee of your audition will be deducted from the offer. This possibility is valid only on the day of your audition.

In which cases DO NOT apply to us?

  • If your child would like to learn on a sythesizer since this instrument and related genre of music doesn't meet our profession.
  • If your child is not interested in classical music at all. The stuff can be flexible within certain limits (pop, jazz), but the technical knowledge requires classical basics.
  • If your child wouldn't like to put time and energy in his / her development and you expect results only from your teacher.
  • If your child is not interested in our student piano recitals. Our program for our students contains five-star experiences as a recognition for their work.
  • If you are searching for a private piano tutor with hourly rates or any cheap solutions. We work in a different system and we give unique offers for our applicants, our price category reflects to quality.
Book an appointment for a 60 min audition
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Piano education for children - Bálint Takács Piano education for children - Jeffrey Ran and William Ma Piano education for children - Ábel Tóth Piano education for children - Sára Tóth

You can book an appointment here in three steps

The fee of your audition is 15.000 HUF which you can pay by wire transfer in advance.

Our school is located in the green belt of 2nd District of Budapest, near Rózsadomb Center. You will learn the address after you transferrd the fee.

What will happen at your audition?
In which cases do not apply?
  1. Choose date and time in the calendar! You can see free places for three weeks into the future.
  2. Pay the fee for the audition! After booking you will be redirected to the bank account details. You have to pay the fee by wire transfer in advance. If you cannot transfer immediately, you will find the link the page of bank account details in the confirmation e-mail sent by the booking page. You have 12 hours to do the transfer.
  3. Fill the questionnaire! You will receive a form in e-mail which you have to fill and give all necessary data about yourself.

If you have any technical problems, please contact us.

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