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Soundroses Are Opening

As the flower petals - however beautiful are they themselves - show their value forming a chalice together, so do the solo music productions compiling a concert. With this metaphor beginned the 5th student concert of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola on 4th June 2016, at 11 am at Béla Bartók Memorial House. The event was crowned by János Balázs Liszt and Junior Prima awarded concert pianist.

The concert was opened with the short welcome by Balázs Juhász piano teacher, founder of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola, besides the above mentioned metaphor, he talked about the goals and achievements of the school. The productions of child and adult students filled two half-times, the public could visit the museum during the break. After the concert, the participands got a diploma as a recognition of their work.
There were introduced most of the piano schools used in Hungary: the official material for music schools, Piano ABC by Lajos Papp, The Friendly Pianoschool by Ágnes Lakos. There were performed some pieces from "For Children" by Béla Bartók where the composer used Hungarian and Slovak folksongs, and also from Mikrokosmos written to his son Peter. Some students played pieces from pianoschools used in America: Alfred's Basic Piano Library and Faber's Piano Adventures. Advanced students performed greater pieces, even a movement of a classical piano sonata, the 1st movement of the Piano Sonata in D major by Joseph Haydn with the nickname "Rooster". Besides the classical pieces, some pop music is also appeared, one of the students singed Paul McCartney's Michelle with her own poano accompaintment.

After the students' productions, their teacher Balázs Juhász introduced himself at the piano with two opuses by Franz Liszt. The first piece was the 4th item of the series "Consolations" which has a rather lyric tone like Chopin, the second one was the concert etude "Waldesrauschen".

János Balázs concert pianist prepared with two opuses: two paraphrases. A paraphrase is a kind of free transcription where a completely new opus is born based on the melodies or themes of the original work. The first piece was the Paraphrase on Rigoletto by Franz Liszt, based on Verdi's popular opera. The second one was a contemporary opus by László Dubrovay, a paraphrase on his former ballet "Faust the Damned".

"Educating the youth is great responsibility..."

After the piano recital, János Balázs greeted the participants and the public with his kind words, too. He highlighted the importance of music education because this activity is important not only for those who will be artists and playing the piano will be their profession but also for those who handle the instrument on a hobby level because they will be the core of the music expert and concert-visiting public. He thanked the parents that "they bring their children to piano classes instead of anything else" because the time can pass away useless as well. He congratulated the students for preparing, for the beautiful productionsand for undertaking to play on stage, he also wished further success.

5th student piano recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola - Aruzhan Zhylkaidar 5th student piano recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola - Brayden Chiu 5th student piano recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola - Ábel & Sára Tóth 5th student piano recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola - Balázs Juhász piano teacher 5th student piano recital of Hangrózsa Zongoraiskola - János Balázs concert pianist

Photos from the concert can be seen in the Gallery, the video can be seen on the Concerts page.