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Yours is the Steinway 2018/19

Student piano recitals called "Yours is the Steinway" are organized with great success every year by Szent István Király Zeneművészeti Szakgimnázium és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola in collaboration with Zuglói Filharmónia where the best students can show their knowledge from many music schools from all over the coutry. This event is also an application exam for some talented students. Performers play on a Steinway & Sons grand piano model D-274 in the Grand Hall of the school.

This schoolyear this popular event took part on 12th January 2019, Saturday, our school was represented by four students. According to the high number of applicats there were two recitals organized, one in the morning, the other one in the afternoon. Recitals were opened and lead by Erzsébet Belák piano teacher of the organizer school. Among the individual performances there was a playful quiz about music history. Children were rewarded with candies for good answers about the projected pictures and related questions. The concerts were colored with harpsichord and organ music, too.

Tiéd a Steinway 2018/19 Steinway & Sons D-274 Steinway & Sons D-274 Belák Erzsébet
Tóth Ábel Christina XinYuan Zhang Tóth Sára Imtisunep Longchar

At the end of the recitals Márton Cseke colleague of Opera Zongoraterem introduced their company as Hungarian Representation of Steinway & Sons and spoke about the history of Steinway piano factories. All performers were awarded a canvas bag with the logo of Steinway & Sons containing a brochure about the family of Steinway-designed pianos. Some students giving an outstanding performance - including students from our school - were invited to another student piano recital which will take place at the Seinway Hall of Opera Zongoraterem on 23rd March 2019, performers will play on the recently arrived Steinway & Sons model B-211 new promotional grand piano.

Cseke Márton - Opera Zongoraterem Tóth Ábel, Cseke Márton, Tóth Sára Christina XinYuan Zhang

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