Yours is the Steinway 2018/19

The Szent István Király Zeneművészeti Szakgimnázium and Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola in collaboration with Zuglói Filharmónia organizes the recital "Yours Is The Steinway" with great success every year, where the best students of many music schools from all over the coutry can show their knowledge. This event is also an entrance exam for some talented students. Performers play on a Steinway & Sons model D-274 in the Great Hall of the school.

This schoolyear, this popular event took place on Saturday, 12th January 2019, and our school was represented by four students. Due to the large number of applicants, two recitals were held, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. The recitals wer opened and leaded by Erzsébet Belák, teacher of the host school. Between the individual performances, she also gave a small overview of music history, hidden in a playful quiz. She rewarded the children with candy for the answers they gave using the projected images. The recitals were extended a short harpsichord and organ performance.

At the end of the recitals Márton Cseke, colleague of Opera Zongoraterem presented their company as the representative of Steinway & Sons in Hungary, and also talked about the history of Steinway piano factories. All participants received a Steinway & Sons decorated music bag as a gift, with an information booklet about the Steinway piano family. Students who provided an outstanding performance - including students from our school - were invited to another recital, which will take place in the Steinway & Sons showroom of Opera Zongoraterem on 23rd March 2019, and the performers will be able to play on a recently arrived, brand new Steinway & Sons model B-211 promotional piano.