Success experiences at the piano,
proudful performances at our recitals for all ages


Our students can make friends with the piano through playful tasks and colorful material from the age of 5-6. Playing the musical instrument can be transformed into a great experience, relationship with the musical instrument can be deepened through persistent work and regular practising. As an adult, knowledge can be developed the most effectively by intellect, limits are determined mostly by imagination rather than physical conditions.
As well as private classes, our student piano recitals run in a great mood. It is always a great experience when our guest artist can be seen from a very close distance, it is an uplifting feeling when he greets the audience with some words and also when he hands diplomas with a warm handshake after we played on a common stage with him.
piano educationWe joined to the British examination system ABRSM. Practical exams that contain ear training and music listening beside playing the instrument are usually organized at the end of schoolterm – in May or June – theory (written) exams can be taken twice a year – at the beginning of March or in middle June – the latter type of exams is required for those who would like to reach a high grade of practical exams.


Vision of Our School

I plan to operate a small business based on private teaching where I can work with some colleagues. The company will operate in a subcontracting system so the young professors contracted with us do not have to teach full-time, they will have enough time to practise and give recitals. Methods and materials cover a growing spectrum, including the popular methods used in Hungary, West-Europe and America. All the instruments in the classrooms and in the small concert hall, whose first element is an Essex being in use now, will consist of grand pianos only from the Steinway & Sons family (Boston and Essex pianos at the first time) during our expansion, they will be replaced with Steinway & Sons pianos later, thus our school will be able to receive the All-Steinway School designation uniquely in Hungary. I plan to provide an elegant environment for invited artists to give masterclasses and recitals and also for ABRSM music exams with time.